This site was made to keep everyone up-to-date with the upcoming MW2 Farewell tournament. We hope it serves everyone well!

1st: Unite

2nd: Dynasty

3rd: coLeverage

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16 Teams

Sixteen invite-only teams participating to win $1.6k+ this Saturday. Featuring world champion pro-players and many other personalities.

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Featuring a double-elimination bracket with varient settings.

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What game is the tournament on?

Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360)

Who's hosting/running the tournament?

The Farewell Tournament was setup by OpTic Hitch (bae).

Where can I watch the stream?

It will be livestreamed on Twitch by a cast. The link will be added soon.
Players from the various teams will also be streaming.

When is the tournament?

2PM EST - Saturday 29th of October. Full schedule soon.

Can I take part in the tournament?

Unfortunately all 16 slots are full. There may be another tournament soon.

What are the maps/settings for the matches?

You can view it all HERE.

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